Strata management

 Strata administration  •   Financial control   •   Maintenance co-ordination   •   Advisory services    •   By-law reviews   •   Building compliance audits


Working in close partnership with the owners corporation or body corporate committees, strata management plays a key role in Australia’s property landscape. With almost 3 million strata managed properties around the country, home owners and owner investors tend to depend on strata management professionals to help maintain, grow, and protect the value of their properties and investments. If you don’t choose a strata management company that’s right for your requirements, your home or property may degrade over time, potentially putting you or your tenants at risk. With the PICA Group, you can be sure that your investment is protected to retain long-term value.

The PICA Group offers leading property services management solutions

The PICA Group is one of Australia’s leading property services companies with more than 220,000 lots under strata management. Our 50-year history in the Australian market makes the PICA Group one of the most experienced strata management providers in the country. With more than 700 property professionals in 30 branches supporting owners in over 11,000 buildings across the country, our strata management team has the skills, expertise, and geographical reach to meet your individual needs.

Why strata management matters

With increased rules and regulations, strata management is becoming more complex increasing the need for property service companies to have sophisticated technology and back-office processes. This is necessary to make sure levies are paid on time, that your building is safe and compliant with legislation, and that contractors visiting your property are licensed to deal with your requirements.  Any common property that is not being proactively and professionally managed could lead to an expensive court battle or enter into conflict with your neighbours. Ensure you have the right protection for your property now and into the future.

We are here to help you

Our strata professionals help manage and coordinate the administrative operations, financial control, and maintenance of properties, providing expert guidance to committee members and owners.

  • Administrative operations
    Our strata managers have the depth of expertise, range of skills, and the support of a national network to provide specialised advice in the management of your property. We take care of the details of your property investment, taking away the hassle, stress, and risk to future investors within a building.
  • Financial control
    As controllers of the building’s trust funds (levies paid) we ensure the ultimate fiduciary duty to collect, account, and expend funds with complete transparency, and diligent reporting to current and future investors.
  • Maintenance co-ordination
    Our strata management team ensures buildings and common areas within a strata title or community titled scheme are maintained for the benefit of all lot owners. Strata managers organise the investigation, quotations, presentation to the committee, and implementation of the committee’s chosen maintenance regime.

Why partner with the PICA Group for your strata management needs

The PICA Group is a credible strata management industry leader. Together with our subsidiaries we are an active member and partner of industry bodies such as the Strata Community Australia (SCA) and the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) to drive significant industry changes.

We are also able to use our size and strength to deliver a variety of strata management professional services:

    • Access to specialist areas such as trade compliance, insurances, data management, and information technology
    • Access to our in-house team of specialist industry accredited staff who are qualified CPA professionals, tax agents, and Justices of the Peace
    • Preferential rates on products and services
    • Certified contractors and suppliers
    • Continuous investment into professional training and development of our staff
    • Future investment of $26 million into a new state-of-the-art strata and property services management platform
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