Facilities management


Maintenance  •   Quality & compliance assurance   •   Cost efficiencies   •   On-location 


Facilities management helps protect your investment to secure long-term growth and is often used to describe the operational management of residential and commercial property. The primary function of your facilities or building manager is to oversee the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the building or property to ensure that it runs efficiently and is kept looking pristine.

For example, the facilities manager will develop a maintenance schedule to regularly monitor the building, including lifts, lighting and fire control systems which help to identify issues early on therefore minimising future repair costs. The manager will also coordinate trade service providers on-site during scheduled or unscheduled works to make sure work is done efficiently and to a high standard.

All our contractors are undergo pre-qualification and verification checks to ensure licence, insurance and work safe practices are in place to protect our customers against any risks associated with work performed on their properties.

Why facilities management matters

Enjoy peace of mind 24/7 knowing your property is being cared for by our team of building management professionals.  Each of our managers take care of a multitude of aspects involved in the smooth, efficient running of a building.

  • Anticipate problem areas before they arise
  • Protect your investment with proactive risk management
  • Ensure quality management
  • Maximise cost efficiencies

Why partner with the PICA Group for your facility management needs

The PICA Group is a credible industry leader. Together with our subsidiaries we are an active member and partner of industry bodies to drive significant industry changes.

We are also able to use our size and strength to deliver a variety of facilities management professional services:

  • On-location support
  • Access to specialist areas such as trade compliance, insurances, data management, and information technology
  • Access to our in-house team of specialist industry accredited staff
  • Preferential rates on products and services
  • Certified contractors and suppliers
  • Continuous investment into professional training and development of our staff
  • Future investment of $26 million into a new state-of-the-art management property services management platform

Our comprehensive facilities management operations consist of three divisions:

Assured Building Management (ABM)
ABM provides the owners corporation with a facilities or building manager who will attend the site on a part-time basis. This is ideal for smaller scale residential developments. Even though they are only on-site part of the week, our managers are available 24/7.

Building Facilities Management Solutions (BFMS)

BFMS typically provides full time on-site facilities management for the high end corporate residential sector, covering preventative maintenance, upgrades, building lifecycle analysis and works forecasting. Our facilities manager reports to the owners corporation about issues, recommended maintenance work schedules, etc.

Estate Managers (EM)
EM’s facilities managers share their time between multiple buildings according to agreed service level agreements and are appointed to manage Sydney’s Breakfast Point development.
In addition to our facilities management offerings, the PICA Group also offers strata and receivables management services.

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