Community Health & Safety

Community Health & Safety (CH&S) offers committee members and owners a practical solution to minimise the risks to managing your building or strata scheme.

All owners corporations and strata committees have a legal obligation and moral “duty of care” to ensure the health and safety of residents. Besides doing so out of a sense of personal responsibility for your community, failure to meet your ‘“duty of care” obligations may result in a large financial impact to your scheme, which may include compensation claims, either or both under common law or commercial law.

As your strata management company, we are here to help your scheme take the practical steps to managing health and safety risks of all users of your common property.




Why Community Health & Safety (CH&S) matters for the protection of your community

  • Benefit from a free-to-call service for all health & safety issues which operates 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Stay informed on temporary measures during after-hour emergencies
  • We have existing knowledge of your strata scheme and are therefore able to quickly identify if there are already works being undertaken, thus preventing unnecessary call-outs
  • We log and monitor all hazards to ensure that the works are being managed in a timely and efficient manner
  • We log and monitor all incidents to ensure that the records are kept accurately and efficiently, and that the appropriate regulatory bodies are informed if required
  • If required, you can access reports showing what issues have been identified, what was done, or needs to be done to rectify the issues, and keep these reports for future reference
  • We can help committees identify relevant responsibilities, and provide your strata scheme with health and safety guidance and advice
  • We can help identify emergency situations which require immediate rectification, and arrange for the appropriate qualified contractor/s to rectify the issue
  • Our contractors are part of our exclusive Community Select database, thereby ensuring that they are suitably qualified, registered and insured.