Giving back

At the PICA Group we are very proud of the relationships we share with charitable organisations. We had a successful 2016 with funds donated to three worthy causes: Indigenous Literacy Foundation, Swags for Homeless, and Lifeline.

In 2017, we will be giving back in even more ways:

Supporting employee participation at a local level:  If there is a sporting or community event an employee would like to participate in, the PICA Group will match the entry fee paid, together with a donation to the relevant charity.  Or, an employee can hold their own fundraiser and the PICA Group will match the funds raised.

Getting behind one charity nationally:  The PICA Group will select a charity that it will support on a national basis.

Knowing that there is so much need out there, we welcome staff and friends who are passionate about helping by participating in activities.  We’re looking forward to giving back with a big heart, open hands and a generous spirit!